Children’s Book “Who lives in the tree?”

‘Who is living in the tree?’ is the first book of Sparkling Society stories & illustrations, an idea of Ruud van Corler, illustrator and Margot Ploumen, writer. The book ‘Who is living in the tree’ is richly illustrated and stimulates the children’s fantasy to make up their own stories. It is suitable for reading out to children between 4-7 years and invites them to use their own imagination. 

My Expertise/involvement

  • Drawings using pencils and Adobe Photoshop
  • Physical book design using Adobe InDesign
  • Digital and interactive book design for Apple using several different tools for voice-over, music and effects
  • Digital book design for Android, Kindle and Kobo readers using several different tools

Do you know who is living in this tree?
The tree stands in the middle of the forest,
is big and has strong branches.
This tree looks like an ordinary tree but if you would take a closer look,
could you tell me what you see?