About me

Photographer: Andress Kools

Who’s Ruud van Corler?

Born in Breda on 10th of November 1960. A healthy baby smiling. The first seven years I grow up on the outside part of the center near the canals, we moved in 1967 to the north of Breda, to a new build suburb . My parents had two stores and they worked hard and made long days. I always said “I’ll never be an independent entrepreneur!”

After I graduated, I had to make a choice like everyone else. Am I going to follow the creativity or am I going to the technique. It was the last. I was studying electronics at the technical school. This turned out differently than planned. I was in a class with only not technical prepared students. After the first year, struggled to have ended this adventure with too little satisfactory grades. After this debacle during the following school vacation weeks I went in 1979 for 4 weeks holiday-work to do in the company where my father meanwhile had started working, after ending with of one of the two stores. It was a little longer than 4 weeks …..

Started in the warehouse and through various departments in 1985 eventually started at the ICT department. Done a lot, learned a lot. Started as “operator”, punch cards processing. What? Punch cards? What are they? … (‘s Another story) Went through software development, communication software, network and hardware (re)construction and management. Worked national and international work. Eventually I became manager in 1999. The company changed ownership and I was ready for a new challenge, I had seen a lot, done and experienced even more. 27 years after the start in 1979 of my “working holiday” I started my new life.

New opportunities, new roads, new possibilities, no longer employed, “I am an independent entrepreneur!” The entrepreneurial blood runs through my veins eventually. Since 2006 I’ve started my own business, I have a lot of fun, joy and energy. I can use my creativity and technical insight into lot of objects, which I create for my clients. The variety is endless. I meeting interesting and fun people, people with passion. I learn and develop much more and faster than before and most of all I can teach others.?

And that this is only the beginning!! And I enjoy ……………..

Colorful greeting,