Children’s Book “Dog Herring”

Dog Hering (NL:Hondje Haring) is the second book with stories and illustrations by Sparkling Society, an idea by Ruud van Corler, illustrator and Margot Ploumen, writer. The book Dog Herring is richly illustrated and stimulates the children’s imaginations to make up their own stories. It is suitable for reading to children up to 99 years old and invites them to use their own imagination.

My Expertise/Involvement

  • Drawings using pencils and Adobe Photoshop
  • Physical book design using Adobe InDesign
  • Digital and interactive book design for Apple using several different tools for voice-over, music and effects
  • Digital book design for Android, Kindle and Kobo readers using several different tools

Dog Herring goes on holiday with Pimmetje

This is the story about the camaraderie between a dog with a special name Herring (Haring) and his owner (Pimmetje).

On the way, the hood of the car opens and they experience the journey together, what do they see and what do they encounter? They listen to music and sing together.

When they arrive at the campsite, they pitch the tent. There are also other dogs and a mouse at the campsite. With this mouse dog Haring experiences an adventure. He runs after him across the campground, through the toilet block. Right through the camping guests washing up and a lady in the toilet. The dog follows the mouse through the playground. The mouse plays with the dog Haring the game “Catch me if you can!” Dog Haring wonders what kind of a mouse this is, it is certainly not a gray mouse.

Pimmetje misses his dog and goes looking. Then it is bedtime and they go to sleep. The next morning dog Haring wakes up early and is ready for a new adventure. He would like to get out of the tent without waking his owner. But that doesn’t quite work.